On August 15th, Suzhou Brightway Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, who pursues the ultimate in the field of micro mobility, launched a new product — NAVEE N65 electric scooter, and started crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin. This electric scooter is also the first electric scooter with a price of more than 3,000 RMB since Xiaomi Youpin’s previous crowdfunding. Finally the crowdfunding achievement rate exceeded 320%, and the amount exceeded USD500,000. What are the advantages of this electric scooter? Next, let’s have a look.

1. The innovative double-rotation folding design makes the installation and storage of the whole vehicle very easy, and it takes up little space and is easy to carry.

2. Rated power 500W brushless motor, surging power, strong and efficient. Start vigorously and accelerate smoothly. The climbing performance reached 25%.

3. Max range up to 65km, which avoids the trouble of frequent charging. Whether commuting to get off work or traveling for leisure, you can ride to the fullest. The professional BMS battery management system automatically optimizes the charging dynamic balance algorithm to improve battery life, safety and other performance.

4. The 10-inch wide off-road pneumatic tires have significantly improved passability, shock absorption and safety, adapt to a variety of road surfaces, easily cope with speed bumps, and turn smoothly.

In addition, the enhanced frame increases the loading weight of the scooter up to 120kg; a 17cm wide magnesium alloy pedal with high-elastic silicone bump non-slip foot pads, giving you a full sense of security, and more freedom and comfort when stepping on . The dual brake system of E-ABS electronic brake + ventilated disc brake , which makes braking distance shorter, and ensure safety for rider. The three-speed adjustable speed setting, max speed reaches 32km/h. The seperated display with a large LCD screen and clear instrument makes the speed, power and mileage clear at a glance during driving. What’s more, with the humanized APP interaction, you can also set cruise control, electronic lock, energy recovery, etc..

The appearance design is fashionable and novel, and the configuration performance is rich and powerful. NAVEE N65 electric scooter combined with so many advantages together, makes it welcomed by customers.