Nowadays, the traffic in cities becomes more and more heavy. How to solve this problem especially for micromobility?  And which one is the best choice among tradtional bikes, ebikes, electric scooters…etc?  

Today let’s talk about electric scooters. 

1) Compared with traditional bikes, electric scooters can save much more energy;

2) Compared with ebikes, electric scooters is more portable, and can save a lot of space.

3) Compared with balancing scooter, electric scooter is more easy to control.

So in conclusion, electric scooter is much better for micromobility. 

Some tips for choosing a right electric scooter:

a). Frame

For an electric scooter, the frame is important, a strong frame means it can support higher loading weight, and making the riding experience become more stable and safe, and no need to worry that the frame will be broken during riding.

In the markets, commonly we can find the materials of frame are Aluminum, Iron, and Carbon fiber.

Different materials can support different loading weight, some max loading weight is 100kg, some 120kg, and some more. So you can choose different material according to your weight or your requirements.

Another point about the frame is the self weight, among the three materials, the most heavy is iron, the most light is carbon fiber.

b). Motor

Motor is the power heart, most motors are brushless motor, which has advantages of small noise, long working life, high efficiency compared with normal motor.

More bigger the rated power, more powerful. Also more better of climbing performance.

c). Battery

All most all the electric scooters use Li-ion battery, among all the brands, LG/Sumsung, Panasonic are top level Li-ion suppliers. 

Normally we can find the voltage are 36v, 48v, and the capacity are 12.5Ah, 25Ah

d). Tire

Different type of tires: pneumatic tyre, vacuum tyre, solid tyre.

Pneumatic tyre: Most bikes use pneunatic tyre, cheap price but stable.

Vacuum tyre: Durable, applied for emotors.

Solid tyre: No need to pump, and durable, but the performance of shock absorbing is not good. 

Size of most tyres:8”, 8.5”, 10”,  the bigger , the better.

e). Brake

Most electric scooters use disc brake or E-ABS disc, or both. 

f). Range

Range is also an inportant point, the range of most electric scooters are about 20-35km, you need to charge frequently, and always worry if it can support you going to work and off work. So some suppliers increase the battery cells, finally we can find the range of some electric scooters can reach max 65km per charge. 

g). Speed

According to different policy in different markets, and considering about the safty of riders, so mostly the max speed are fixed under 25km/h. But in some countries, there’s no limitation about the speed. 

h). Folding and installation design.

Most electric scooters are designed with folding function, which can help you save storage space. After folding the electric scooter, you can take it anywhere, like the office, the tube, the bus…, even you can put it into your car.  

Different electric scooter has different design of folding.