NAVEE Sharing E-Scooter D1 Pro

Power of Shared Mobility

NAVEE D1 Pro Specs

Max. Range:                55km (36.9V 14.4Ah) | 110km (36.9V 28.8Ah)
Max. Speed:                25km/h*
Max. Power:                800w
Rated Power:             400w
Tires:                             Front 12’’ / rear 10’’ PU filled rubber tires
Weight:                        31kg
Charing Current:       Max. 5A
Light:                            Front light & rear brake light & turning indicator
Swappable Battery:   Yes
Kickstand:                    Dual sides
Max. Incline:                     23%
Brakes:                              Front & rear drum brake + rear E-ABS
Battery(LG21700):           36.9V 14.4Ah | 36.9V 28.8Ah
Size (L*W*H):                    1198*558*1170 mm
Waterproof:                      IPX7 (IPX5 for:Front Light, Rear Light,Turning Indicators, Charging Connector)
Max. Payload:                    100kg (220lbs)
Drive Mode:                       Rear drive
Helmet Lock:                    Yes (optional)
Compartment Cover Lock :  Electronic lock
Note: The max speed is restricted according to local regulations. 


max. range


max. power






filled tires



Introducing NAVEE Sharing E-Scooter

We have engineered our e-scooters to be the epitome of customization, versatility, and reliability. Outstanding performance, reliable safety, and comfortable riding experience, Navee D1 and D1 Pro are tailored specifically for sharing solutions.

Modular design

From turning indicators, fenders, kickstands to display and wireless charging, each part can be easily swapped and adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our modular design ensures perfect adaption to any operational scenario for sharing e-scooters, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Max Range 110KM

Go the distance with our top-of-the-line lithium batteries from Samsung or LG. Enjoy longer rides of 110KM with our 1063Wh battery capacity, allowing riders to go further. Or opt for our 531Wh option for a lighter electric scooter. And a max charging current of 5A ensures your e-scooters powered up.

Special PU Tires

Choose the ride style with different tire options. PU filled for superior riding experience, which indulge riders in unparalleled comfort. Or solid honeycomb for ultimate durability. Whether it’s city streets or suburban roads, our electric scooters can handle it all.

IPX7 waterproof

Our electric scooters come with IPX7 protection rating, making them fearlessly conquer rain-soaked streets. Additionally, the battery, motor, and IOT are also equipped with the same protection to ensure all the vital components safe and secure, reducing maintenance costs and increasing longevity.

NAVEE AI Technology

The optional AI vision camera is an innovation designed specifically for sharing e-scooters, revolutionizing the way riders and operators experience safety and convenience. This compact yet powerful camera seamlessly integrates with e-scooters, enhancing its capabilities with advanced AI-driven functionalities of Navee.

Reinforced frame

Strict quality control guarantees 5-year service life. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, our sharing scooter is built to last. We‘ve also harnessed advanced production methods like unibody molding and drop forging, to elevate the quality and performance of our sharing scooters.

Outstanding performance

With a powerful 800W or 700W motor, our electric scooters make simplified cruising through the city. Rides can tackle any hill with ease, thanks to our rear-wheel drive and impressive 23% maximum gradient.

Reliable safety

Always stay safe with our triple braking system: rear brake, and front & rear drum brake.

Riders can always stay visible with our front and rear brake lights. Plus, optional turning indicators ensure they’re always seen.

Secure protection

Ride with confidence knowing our electronic lock compartment cover keeps your battery and motor safe. Plus, our optional helmet lock means you never have to leave your gear behind.

IOT module

Get precise location data with our dual-band GNSS technology, giving you real-time information on your assets. Stay aware of your environment with our IOT modules’ built-in sensors, including an acc sensor and light sensor.

Multifunctional forehead design

At the forefront of our sharing scooter design is the revolutionary forehead innovation. This integrated component serves as a hub of convenience, housing two essential features: an optional 15W cell phone wireless charging and an information display.

Designed for Sharing Solutions

We have offered a wide range of options to better meet your needs.

PU Filled Tires
AI Vision Camera
400W Motor
Wireless Charging
Battery (36.9V 14.4Ah or 36.9V 28.8Ah)


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