Bonding With My Baby

mom and babyAs a new mother, I’ve read a ton of articles regarding mother-baby bonding. What I’ve managed to pick up from all these is that a baby’s health seems really fragile and there are a lot of constant checkups, vaccines and learning needed regarding the signs or symptoms that would afflict a baby the moment he or she is sick. Naturally, this in turn got me worried sick. I went to talk to my pediatrician and she chided me for it. Apparently, a baby just isn’t as fragile (in terms of its health, that is) that we mothers often think.

As long as you’re been breastfeeding consistently instead of just feeding your baby powdered milk formula, the boost in immunity and disease resistance is sufficient to keep your baby very strong and healthy. Plus, as much as many ‘scientists’ like to argue against, being physically close to your baby actually helps prevent diseases as well. In fact, cuddling your baby helps increase the emotional attachment for both you and your baby. Both touch and smell are the factors that contribute to such a phenomenon. These things can hardly be tested or experimented upon so we’ll just have to rely on a mother’s instinct at this point.